(Capra falconeri cashmiriensis)

Local Name (Shara)


(Alectoris chukar)

Local Name (Kolu)


(Cedrus deodara)

LocalName (Rough)


 (Jasminum )

Local Name (Chambili)

Chitral Gol Community Development and Conservation Association was founded in 2005 by members of 12 Village Conservation Committees (VCC) & 11 WVCCs under the auspices of WWF, Chitral. Members of the association have long been striving to conserve and ensure sustainable use of available natural resources in Chitral Gol National Park since 1992. With the advent of Protected Areas Management Project, a GEF funded Project; all the villages around CGNP were formally organized in to VCC to ensure active participation of local communities in the park management efforts.

Later on with the aim of synchronize the efforts of all VCCs regarding sustainable management of the park resources a cluster body of these VCCs was established, which formally named as Chitral Gol Community Development and Conservation Association(CGCDCA) in 2005. Since then, the association is actively participating in conservation efforts and skill development activities undertaken by PAMP-CGNP and other organization. It has been registered under companies’ act 1984 as well as with Social Welfare Department Chitral under registration No.758 during November 2009.  CGCDCA show interest in YDC due to its expertise’s in youth development activities and have train human resource in this filed and running its youth centers from 2014.