Highlight of Activities Undertaken during the previous Years

A.  Biodiversity Conservation

1. Species Conservation

  • Watch and Ward System of Chitral Gol National Park through community watchers.
  • Closure for diseased animals.
  • Purchasing of field gears.

2. Habitat Conservation

  • Soil Conservation(Check damming in VCC mogholandeh , Singoor and Thengshun).
  • Plantation at the Buffer zones of CGNP.
  • Installation of Solar Lighting system in all the inspection Huts of CGNP.
  • Repair and Maintenance of Broneshaal inspection Hut.
  • Decoration of Park including introduction of log benches, construction of camping sites and sign boards.

B. Community Development


  • Water supply scheme in VCC Balach
  • Water Supply Scheme in VCC Jangbazar
  • Rehabilitation of irrigation water channel of VCC Mogholandeh

    Rehabilitation Work

  • Rehabilitation of irrigation water channel of VCC thengshun and Jangbazar.
  • Water supply scheme facilitation to Jangbazaar Bala.
  • Rehabilitation of irrigation water channel of VCC Goldur and Balach.
  • Introduction of early warning system during the inundation season.
  • Flood damage assessment of July 2015 severe flood of Chitral gol
  • Supply of clean drinking water to the VCC’s during the severe flood 2015 at chitral gol.


  • Kitchen Gardening(distribution of chickens to VCC goldur, singoor, Rehankot, Shaliden, Zargaradeh, Thengshen and Jangbazaar.
  • Installation of Solar Lighting system in the Mosque of VCC Rehankot.
  • Relief(cash) to the most poorest earthquake victims of VCC Mogholandeh, Thenghsun, Jangbazar, Goldur, Balach, Singoor, and Shaliden.
  • Vaccination to livestock of VCC Mogholandeh, Goldur, Singoor and Balach.

C:      Others

 1. Culture Preservation

  • Conducted a workshop on Mapping of Traditional Festival in district Chitral.
  • Organized a one day festival entitled “Shaaru Festival” at its buffer zone Rumboor valley.

2.Awareness Raising

  • Conducted one day training of capacity building of field staff.
  • Organized one day inter –school speech and quiz competition regarding environment and natural resources.

 3. Research work and Publications (Download)

  • Ecological Survey of Chitral Gol National Park.
  • Population trend of Kashmir Markhor in Chitral Gol National Park.