Short description of the village Jangbazar

Location and geography

The word Jung Bazaar is derived from two words, Jung & Bazaar that means market at a higher place.  It is located at the middle of Chitral town and is famous across the district as sports loving village. The village is situated at the south-eastern edge of the national Park and serves as one of the entry points in to the Chitral Gol. Geographically the village is surrounded towards the southwest by Mughlandeh and Dangarekandeh , in the east by main bazaar Chitral, in the northeast by Goldoor and in the west by Tengshan villages. Chitral Gol streams flows in the north of the village. The social map of the village is attached as annexure III.


Since ancient times the village has been the headquarter of the Chitral valley. During Rais and Katoor dynasties, Jung Bazaar was considered the capital of the Chitral state. During Rais regime all the important institutions including the royal residential areas were located in the village.  It is also has the burial ground of most of the Mehters.  Archaeological excavation reveals the presence of the remains of 2500 years old civilization and is considered one of the oldest villages of Chitral. After the merger of the state with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the village is informally declared as the capital of the district. Presently all-important Government and semi government institutions and residential compartments are positioned in the village that includes DCO office, Officer Mess Chitral Scouts, SP house, AC house, Offices of the Executive District Health Officer Chitral etc.

Housing Pattern

The pattern of houses in the village reflects the cultural and traditional architectural structures.  Jung Bazaar Village is comprised of four helmets, namely Upper, Central, Lower Jung Bazaar, and Goldeh. Most of the houses in Upper, central, and Goldeh hamlets represent traditional architectural style while in the lower hamlet most of the inhabitants have adapted modern construction techniques.

Communication Facilities

The sole air port of District Chitral is located in the northeast of the village at a distance of 8 Km from the Central Jung Bazaar. Two main roads pass through the village and provide an easily access to the people. All hamlets of the village are connected with the main roads via link roads. A link road in northwest connects Goldeh with Central Jung Bazaar while another link road in the southeast hooks up Lower Jung Bazaar with Drosh-Chitral main road.  All households in Jung Bazaar are interconnected via a complicated labyrinth of streets.  Telephone and internet facilities are available in the village.