Short description of the village Thingshen


Thingshen is located in the southeast of Chitral Gol National Park. In   the north village is surrounded by Chitral Scouts Officers Mess, upper Jung Bazaar and Chitral Gol Nalla. Mughlandeh, Dangarinkandeh falls to its south while lower Jung Bazaar is to the west of the village. Due to the geographical location of the village it looks like a water tank from Chitral town.  The social map of the village is attached as annexure III.


Information gathered from various interviews with the village elders indicated that the first settlers arrived in Thingshen village some 300 years ago. The word Thingshen is derived from one of the elder’s name Thingshen Lal. These early settlers came from various parts of Chitral Majority of the inhabitants of the village are Rizakhels. Rizakhels are the decedents of the royal family. However, in early seventies people from other places of Chitral started settling in the village. The influx of outsiders not only converted the demographic pattern of the village in their favour but also dominated in different decision making bodies.

Housing Pattern

The most of the houses have been built in traditional manner however; modern construction techniques have been adapted in newly built houses. The population is congested towards west and east bordering with the Park and upper Jung Bazaar respectively.

Communication Facilities

The basic communications facilities such as electricity, roads and telephone are available; however, the intra-village road net work is not up to the mark.  Most of the streets are not paved accordingly but the streets of the village are wide enough to provide the pedestrian an   easy mobility.

Population of the village

According to PLA survey, there are 85 households in the Village with a total population of approx. 592 persons.  Details of population composition and literacy rate are given in table 1.  The entire population belongs to Sunni sect of Islam.